Question 1:  Who can be listed in the directory?
     Answer: Only companies that are at least 51% or more Black owned.  The only exception to this rule is if the person is a self-employed distributorship for a company then that distributorship can be listed if the distributorship is at least 51% Black owned.

Question 2:  Can you clarify 51%?
     Answer:  If it is a single person owner that single person would need to have at least one of their parents as Black and the other must be Black or at least mixed with Black to be above 51%.  If it is a two person owned business then at least one owner must be Black and the other owner must be mixed with Black.  This includes a marriage, husband and wife as owners.  In this case one spouse cannot be Black and the other non-Black since this will fall below the 51% requirement.  If it is a 3 or more member ownership company then the majority stake holders of at least 51% combined ownership will need to be Black to qualify for inclusion in the directory. 

Question 3:  Can you clarify what you mean by Black owned?
     Answer:  We use the term “Black” as an all encompassing term to include anyone of original African “black” descent.  Other terms commonly used would be Afro American, African American, etc.  We do not include African nationals who are invaders of Africa and not of the original “black” descent such as the Arab, Euro, Indian, Chinese, etc.  Only the original “black” African phenotype can be included.

Question 4:  Why are you so restricted on the requirements for listed companies?
     Answer:  The situation Black people have been placed under within society has been extreme so it requires a more strenuous, diligent and deliberate action on our part as Black people to ensure that our dollars will pass through Black hands first.  There have been too many instances in the past and currently in which we have been made to think that a business is Black owned when in fact it was not.  When this happens the very dollars we thought were circulating and helping the Black community where in fact not.  We cannot afford to have our dollars deliberately or non-deliberately misused and/or misplaced. 

Question 5:  So what if I use a company on the list and find out they are not 51% Black owned?
     Answer:  Businesses go in and out of business and get bought out all the time so when this happens please contact us so we can investigate the business and remove them if necessary.  We encourage your diligence in ensuring the companies listed in the directory are in fact still Black owned.  The directory is designed for the improvement of the local Black community and as a resource to circulate our dollars among ourselves.

Question 6:  How do I add my own or refer a Black owned business?
     Answer:  The easiest way is to either contact us with your referral or you can click on the “Add Your Listing” tab on the home page and add your business.  If it is a referral you can still click on the “Add Your Listing” because we do have a basic free listing option.  Keep in mind that all listings submitted will be contacted to ensure that they are at least 51% Black owned.

Question 7:  I have a business or know a business that is Black owned but it is not 51% Black owned what can I do?
     Answer:  Unfortunately that business would not qualify for inclusion in this directory, however there are many other Black owned business directories out there that will be more than happy to include that business.  Our directory listing restrictions just happen to be higher than most other directories.

Question 8:  Why so adamant about buying “Black” and what’s the big deal?
Answer:  Blacks have historically been and continue to be placed under deliberate and strategic economic restrictions as to hinder our economic growth, progress and power.  It is up to us to be aware and conscious of this so that we can fight with our dollars accordingly to ensure our economic progress.  Almost every aspect of improvement within the Black communities start with economics.

Question 9: Are there different types of listings?
Answer:  Yes, there are currently 3 types of listings as follows:
Certified Black Owned – The business was 51% or more Black owned at the time the listing was set up.
Distributorship – This business is a Black owned independent distributor for a parent company in which the parent company may or may not be Black owned but can be listed because the distributorship is 51% or more Black owned.
Pending Black Owned Certification – This business was referred as a Black owned business by a reputable source but has not been verified yet by us to confirm.  We still allow these companies to be listed because of the referral source while awaiting verification.